Meals and nutrition

After you arrive our dietician will carry out an assessment of your current eating habits and agrees a meal plan with you. All food is freshly prepared on the premises by our chef and menus are designed in consultation between our nutritionist and dietician. Our aim is to help you re-establish and maintain a normal diet of regular meals and snacks.

If you have been eating very little this will involve a series of steps beginning with smaller portions and working towards standard healthy portions.

At Riverdale we fully understand that making changes to the amount and types of food eaten causes anxiety. During meal times staff eat with patients in our dining room and are able to provide ongoing support and encouragement during this time.

The food provided supports physical and psychological health and is guided by research carried out on the links between nutritional wellbeing and mental health.


Our aim is to help patients develop skills that to change their current view of food. This involves support with regular eating, meal planning, shopping for and cooking food.

Our Occupational Therapist (OT) assesses your needs on arrival and will help you devise a stepped programme that slowly increases the responsibility you take for your food.

These stages often consist of progression on to portioning your own meals, eating snacks out and shopping for food and self-catering meals with the support of your nurse or OT.

In addition to the practical assistance our team provides support to help you think about your view of food and your nutritional health.

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