On arrival, our professionally qualified dietician assesses your needs. You agree a meal plan with food freshly prepared at Riverdale by our chef. The menu is designed by our nutritionist based on research that shows which foods help your body and your mood.

This is a series of small steps eventually working towards portions where healthy growth and development can start again. The aim is to re-establish the regular meals and snacks required for normal good health.

We understand that making changes to the amount and type of food eaten can cause you a lot of anxiety. During meals staff eat with you and provide support and encouragement.


We want to help you understand what is healthy and what is unhealthy. In this way you can control your worries and concerns about food and see it in a more balanced way. This will also involve having family meals when you feel ready.

As you progress you will be encouraged to take more responsibility for your diet through a stepped programme, agreed between you, your parents/carers and our Occupational Therapist (OT).

Throughout the process our caring team provides you with support for your decisions about future diet and healthy and unhealthy choices for your body.

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