Our aim is help you return to an independent life as quickly as possible. We provide individual care that responds to your needs.

We understand that you might have mixed feelings about moving away from your eating disorder and that change can be frightening. We provide a warm and friendly environment with support to help you feel more confident about change.

As a patient you will have your own room, which you can make as homely as you wish. Unlike most hospitals we try and make your surroundings as comfortable as possible. We have a lounge area with television, music and games. We provide a weekly activity plan that includes arts and craft sessions, yoga, complementary therapies, cake decorating and pampering. These activities are available for inpatients and day patients.

Whilst you are here you can use your mobile phone outside of meal times and therapy sessions. You are welcome to have visitors if you wish, again, outside of meal and therapy times.


When we receive your referral we will arrange for you to visit and have an assessment. The assessment will involve one of our Consultant Psychiatrists and another member of the team. The assessment helps us to find out more about you and the difficulties you want help with. It also gives you the opportunity to have a look around the hospital and ask any questions.

After the assessment we will discuss the choices for treatment with you and recommend what we think will help.

If we recommend you start treatment with us you will be introduced to your key nurse. This is the person who will oversee your day-to-day care. There will be other people involved in supporting you alongside them such as; support workers, therapists, dietician and a GP to oversee your physical well-being.


We offer different programmes of treatment, which will be discussed and decided after the assessment. The treatment programme offered to you will be determined by; your physical well-being, treatment history, how long you have been experiencing a problem and what other support you get.

During your stay your care and treatment will be discussed with you to make sure you continue to be involved.

We offer the following forms of treatment:

Inpatient assessment period

This is a detailed assessment period that helps us to work with you to establish your needs so you can be confident that the treatment provides the right amount of support. It also aims to help improve your physical well-being where this is at risk.

Inpatient treatment

As an inpatient you would take part in group activities and one to one therapy. As you progress you and your key nurse along with other members of the team will be able to plan in periods of leave. During that time you will be able to put into practice changes and skills you have developed whilst here.

Day programme

As a day patient you would receive less intensive support and would come to the hospital during the day and return home in the evening. You will have responsibility for your evening and/or weekend meals. In most cases Day Programme patients receive the same treatment as inpatients.

Outpatient treatment

As an outpatient you will come either weekly or fortnightly to appointments, which will include psychological therapy sessions, physical monitoring and nutritional/dietary advice.

After inpatient treatment you will usually step down to day or out-patient treatment before moving onto community-based support. We discuss and review your plans for discharge with you regularly throughout your stay.

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